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We Buy, Sell, Trade, Level & Build MMO Accounts

How It Works

95% of all our orders are delivered within 30 seconds after verification.

We offer a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our account sales. All of our accounts are guaranteed to match it's description, and to work. If an account does get banned from our end, we will replace your account with a better account.

AccountGear is a North American based corporation.

To learn more about our services and how we operate please visit our frequently asked questions page or contact one of our customer service representatives using the live help button on the right hand side of any page on our site.


Our Services

Buy Accounts - Safe, Secure, Guaranteed

We stock and sell the largest selection of MMORPG accounts for the top selling MMO games. We offer thousands of different accounts featuring various servers, classes, races, and levels.

We offer a 100% guarante on the delivery and satisifaction of your account purchases. This includes that your account will be delivered on time and everything matches the description or your money back. All accounts are protected from account bannings from something that we have performed or we provide a 100% refund. All accounts are secure, and our 24/7 North American customer support is always available via Live Help to assist you with whatever questions you may have.

Sell Accounts - Get Paid Top Dollar

We buy accounts for most MMO games. Submit all your game account information, click to receive a quote, fill out your information, and you will receive payment for your account within 12 hours. Prices are determined from all categories based on server, level, class, race, gender, equipment, currency, tradeskills, expansions, special abilities and more depending on the game.

All payments are 100% guaranteed delivered by the secure payment method of PayPal® or we will return your account.


Trade In Your Character Accounts


Another option to selling us your MMORPG game account is to trade it in for a higher level account from the same MMO or from any other massive multiplayer online role playing game account of your choosing.

Build an Account - Customized Your Dream Character

We offer you a chance to build your very own custom made dream MMO account. Select anything you desire to be placed on your account ranging from server, level, class, race, gender, currency, skills and so much more.

All accounts are 100% satisfaction guaranteed delivered, and 100% protection on all accounts as we are building an account specifically for you making you the original owner of your custom made account. If an account cannot be delivered to you, we will give you a 100% refund guaranteed. Simply submit what you'd like on your dream account, click buy now, and upon verification, we will start building your brand new character.


Level Your Existing Character


We will take control of your character account and power level it up to a higher level of your choosing. This service lets you skip the boring and repetitive lower levels in most MMO games. Let our team of professional gamers safely build up and create your dream high level character account today. Get a no obligation free instant quote today.

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Our Guarantee

We offer 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on all Accounts.


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I can tell you that they do live up to their 100% lifetime satisfaction. I had a problem with my account, and it is funny because it was actually my fault. They did replace the account no questions asked so I really appreciate what they did and figured i'd leave them some good credit and a good testimonial even though it was my fault for botting in game.
-Wilson Curry, Chicago IL

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We Offer Fast, Safe & Secure MMO Account Sales.

About Us

We offer USA based customer service and have been in business since 1999. Our customer service is open 24/7. If you have any questions, please click on the live chat button or contact us via email using the address listed above.

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